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Farm Trainers

All our farm trainers are required to show a desire to educate and train their students. They are patient, empathetic, friendly with an encouraging disposition and willingness to upskill their own attributes.

What's involved in being a Farm Trainer?

Farm trainers take a student on the two-year programme to give them practical skills, training and experience in agriculture.


Students live and train on farm as part of your farm team for the duration of the course. Regional Liaison Managers work with Farm Trainers and Students to support the training.


Typically students are on courses one day per week and will be on farm training and building experience four days per week.


Farm trainers host some training of the regional group and attend Quarterly Progress Meetings with Student and Liaison Manager.

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Requirements of a
Farm Trainer

Fully Furnished accommodation

You are required to privide fully-furnished accommodation on farm with power, heating and wifi provided.

The on farm accommodation needs to meet NZ regulations for Healthy Homes with regards to insulation, heating and ventalation.

Supply of pups

Farm trainers are required to supply the student with two pups in their first year - a heading pup in February and a huntaway in August. 

GFF provides specialist dog trialist training support, pet care videos etc as part of the Pup to Working Dog programme.

Sponsorship allowance

GFF student are sponsored $180 per week by the farm.  Farms are invoiced monthly from GFF.  GFF is a charitable trust and this sponsorship is tax deductible.

On-farm training

One on one practical training in the workplace to the GFF annual programme ii. Verification and Record of Hours of Training as part of the Essential Farm Skills Programme iii. Pastoral care on-farm for the student

GFF Agreement

Students sign a GFF agreement and this includes C ode of Conduct and House Rules.

T his process is facilitated by our Liaison Manager and includes verbal, writen and final warning procedures that can result in a withdrawal from the

programme and/or loss of sponsorship.

I got involved with GFF because I saw a need to provide more young people the opportunity to enter the sheep, beef and deer industry. It is immensely rewarding having these young people start with little to no farming skills and then see them progress, develop and grow as people to become valuable contributors to the team and the business. It is a real win-win that delivers meaningful outcomes to the student and the farm business."

Dan Jex-Blake, Mangapoike

Keen to find out more?

Check out our FAQ's or download our Farm Trainer Information PDF to find out more details on what is involved in being a farm trainer.

Keen to become a farm trainer?  


To register your interest please complete the following form.

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