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Student Information

Please rank your preferred region in order of preference of where you would like to be placed (1 - 10)

Do you hold a current drivers license?
If yes, please select your level
Do you hold a current firearms license?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence included traffic offence (excluding parking fines)?
Are you still at secondary school?

Educational Qualifications

Work Experience – paid and/or voluntary

Do you have any learning difficulties where you may need extra learning assistance ie, dyslexia, attention difficulties, dysgraphia, Dyspraxia or other?


Please enclose two written references with your application.  By entering referee contact details you are giving permission for Growing Future Farmers and potential Farm Trainers to contact these referees and discuss your suitability for joining the Growing Future Farmers programme.

Reference #1
Reference #1
Reference #2
Reference #2

Parents / Legal Guardians Details 

By entering your parents/legal guardian's name you give us permission to contact them should any concerns arise once you are accepted into the programme.

Supporting Documents

Please upload all document to support your application. 

Cover Letter
Most Recent School Report
NCEA Results
Birth Certificate
Drivers licence
Do you have, or have you had, and injury, disability or medical condition that may prevent you from carrying out your full work responsibilities or that may require special consideration? This includes, allergies, behavioural challenges, mental health issues, any physical injuries.

Thank you for your application

Student Application Form

Please include with this form:

  • Cover Letter and/or video which includes your interest in agriculture, sport, hobbies, and why you want to join the Growing Future Farmers Programme

  • CV –  template here

  • Your most recent school report

  • NCEA results to date

  • A verified copy of your birth certificate & drivers licence

  • A profile photo of yourself

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Trainer Application form?
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