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  • I am unable to provide student accommodation, but I am keen to be involved. Are we able to share student accommodation with a neighbouring property?"
    Yes, subject to prior board approval. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.
  • Are we able to share a student between more than one property?
    Yes, subject to prior Board approval. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.
  • Do I need to subscribe to FarmIQ to have a student?
    No. GFF has a student subscription for their use.
  • Do busy times on the farm take priority over the GFF Student Training Calendar?
    No. The annual training programme is compulsory. It is important to remember GFF Students are not employees, they are students on farm to train.
  • What happens if there is a personality clash between a Farmer Trainer and a student?
    GFF have processes and procedures in place led by our Liaison and Pastoral Care Manager to manage and resolve any problems.
  • Can a Student or a Farm Trainer withdraw from the Programme?
    Yes. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.
  • How many days a week is the student away from the farm?
    On average, a student is away from the farm one day a week. First year students course day is Friday and they meet as a regional hub for pup training, vehicle courses etc. Second Year students course day is regularly Monday.
  • How many weeks a year are the students on farm training?
    The course is 44 weeks per year for all students. Students take an Easter Break and a mid-year Holiday for two weeks in July. Year1 Students attend GFF Essential Farm Skills Orientation Programme in the last week of January and begin on farm early February. Year 1 students finish end of November. The Year 2 Programme starts week two of January and finishes mid November. Year 2 students have a two week semester break in July and take one week programmed in September to explore employment opportunities when they graduate.
  • The students finish at our busiest time of the farming year. Are they able to stay and work over their Christmas break with us?
    Over the Christmas break Students may choose to find a holiday job or spend time with family and friends. It is their decision, they are not employees.
  • Is the student eligible for a government student loan?
    Yes. Students can access for more information.
  • How does a farm sponsor a student $200 per week to train?
    The farm provides a monthly donation to the GFF Trust. Terms and conditions apply. GFF administers weekly payments to students.
  • Who provides the student their six-week-old heading pup and six-week-old huntaway pup?
    The farm provides the six-week-old pups. Year 1 Programme – The farmer provides one six-week-old heading pup in February, and one 6-week-old Huntaway pup in August. The pup training is led by the regional dog trainer. The GFF working dog programme has been designed by specialists and the Year 1 Programme does not allow a student to have any other older working dogs. Year 2 Programme – Subject to terms and conditions, and at the discretion of the farm Trainer, the Year 2 programme can include other working dogs.
  • Can we train a student if we don’t have any internet or wifi?
    No. The cloud-based Programme requires the student to have daily access to wi-fi.
  • Will a student provide their own phone and computer for studying?
    Yes. To be enrolled in the Programme Students must have their own phone and computer. Students are eligible for a student loan to cover this cost.
  • Will the student have appropriate gear for farming?
    Yes. Students purchase a basic gear list as part of course requirements including working boots, wet weather gear, farm clothing etc.

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